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  • On the Geometry of the Tangent Bundle With Vertical Rescaled Metric 

    DİDA, Hamou Mohammed; HATHOUT, Fouzi; AZZOUZ, Abdelhalim (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    Let (M,g) be a n-dimensional smooth Riemannian manifold. In the present paper, we introduce a new class of natural metrics denoted by G^{f} and called the vertical rescaled metric on the tangent bundle TM. We calculate its ...
  • On commutativity of prime near-rings with multiplicative generalized derivation 

    Bedir, Zeliha; Gölbaşı, Öznur (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In the present paper, we shall prove that 3-prime near-ring N is commutative ring, if any one of the following conditions are satisfied: (i) f(N)⊆Z, (ii) f([x,y])=0, (iii) f([x,y])=±[x,y], (iv) f([x,y])=±(xoy), (v) ...
  • Stabilized FEM Solutions of MHD Equations Around a Solid and Inside a Conducting Medium 

    Aydın, S.H. (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this study, the numerical solution of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow is considered in a circular pipe around a conducting solid and in an insulating or conducting medium. An external magnetic field is applied through ...
  • On Approximation Properties of Two Variables of Modified Kantorovich-Type Operators 

    Özhavzalı, Müzeyyen; Olgun, Ali (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In the present paper, we introduce certain modification of Szász-Mirakyan-Kantorovich-type operators in polynomial weighted spaces of continuous functions of two variables. Then we research some approximation properties ...
  • Statistical inference for geometric process with the Rayleigh distribution 

    Aydoğdu, Halil; Biçer, Cenker; Kara, Mahmut; Biçer, Hayrinisa Demirci (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    The aim of this study is to investigate the solution of the statistical inference problem for the geometric process (GP) when the distribution of first occurrence time is assumed to be Rayleigh. Maximum likelihood (ML) ...
  • Growth estimates of entire functions with the help of their relative L^{∗}-types and relative L^{∗}- weak types 

    DATTA, Sanjib Kumar; BİSWAS, Tanmay (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this paper we attempt to prove some results related to the growth rates of entire functions on the basis of relative L^{∗}-type and relative L^{∗}-weak type of an entire function with respect to another entire function.
  • Bounds for initial MacLaurin coefficients of a subclass of bi-univalent functions associated with subordination 

    MOTAMEDNEZHAD, Ahmad; NOSRATİ, Shahpour; ZAKER, Sima (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this paper, we investigate the bounds of the coefficients for new subclasses of analytic and bi-univalent functions in the open unit disc defined by subordination. The coefficients bounds presented in this paper would ...
  • On the Construction of Generalized Bobillier Formula 

    Erişir, Tülay; Güngör, Mehmet Ali; Ersoy, Soley (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this study, we consider the generalized complex number system C_{p}={x+iy:x,y∈R,i²=p∈R} corresponding to elliptical complex number, parabolic complex number and hyperbolic complex number systems for the special cases ...
  • A Generalized Version of Foster and Stuart's d-statistic 

    Tanıl, Halil (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    Assume that only the lists of upper k-records and lower k-records of a finite sequence are available and the existence of a monotonic trend in location is interested in. In this study, a distribution-free test based on the ...
  • On the rate of convergence of the g-Navier-Stokes equations 

    Kaya, Meryem; Kazar, Özge; Kantar, Ülkü Dinlemez (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this paper we consider 2D g-Navier-Stokes equations in a bounded domain by Ω. We give an error estimate between the solutions of Galerkin approximation of the g-Navier-Stokes equations and the exact solutions of them.
  • On the Representations and Characters of Cat¹-Groups and Crossed Modules 

    Davvaz, B.; Dehghani, M. A. (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    Let G be a group and V a K-vector space. A K-linear representation of G with representation space V is a homomorphism φ:G→GL(V). The dimension of V is called the degree of φ. If φ is a representation of G, then the character ...
  • Certain New Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Convex Functions Via Fractional Integrals 

    Set, Erhan; Özdemir, M. Emin; Korkut, Nejla (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    The object of this paper is to obtain certain Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities involving general class of fractional integral operators and the fractional integral operators with exponential kernel by using ...
  • Coefficient estimates for bi-concave functions 

    Sakar, F. Müge; Güney, H. Özlem (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this study,a new class C_{Σ}^{p,q}(α) of analytic and bi-concave functions were presented in the open unit disc. The coefficients estimates on the first two Taylor-Maclaurin coefficients |a₂| and |a₃| were found for ...
  • Flat Strong δ-covers of Modules 

    Demirci, Yılmaz Mehmet (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    We say that a ring R is right generalized δ-semiperfect if every simple right R-module is an epimorphic image of a flat right R-module with δ-small kernel. This definition gives a generalization of both right δ-semiperfect ...
  • Generalization of (α-F_{d})--contraction on quasi--metric space 

    Acar, Özlem (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2019-02-01)
    In this paper, we introduce the concept of generalized (α-F_{d})-contraction and give some fixed point results in quasi metric spaces with different types of completeness.

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